Live Laugh Breathe!


Children have just been isolated from their friends for the past few months. Even as they return to school in August, things will have changed in the classroom. Laughter Yoga is a great way to help them reconnect with each other, even at a distance.

Childhood is changing. Children are playing less and less while they face more and more challenges. With pressures increasing to achieve – not only academically at school, but also physically on the sports field – they are entering a competitive world at a younger and younger age. This can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

Laughter Yoga is a great way to bring more play into children’s lives encouraging them to interact with one another again in the real world.

Children naturally have lots of energy and this is suppressed when they have to spend long periods of time sitting behind a desk in the classroom or at a computer. And the result of this is increasing rates of ADHD.

So how can Laughter Yoga help?

Laughter produces endorphins
Happier children are more motivated and more willing to learn. They look forward to going to school.

Laughter lowers the stress hormone cortisol and provides an outlet for stress
Children are less anxious, more relaxed and can concentrate better. Teachers need to spend less time managing behaviour.

Laughter brings more oxygen to the brain
It stimulates circulation, enhancing brain function and thus improving concentration, focus and productivity. Many teachers now incorporate brain breaks into their lessons to help boost children’s concentration and focus.

Laughter connects us to each other
Children have improved social skills, more respect and tolerance for each other and better behaviour.

Laughter helps to develop a positive mental attitude
Children learn to cope when things don’t go as planned. It gives them increased resilience and perseverance enabling them to be confident in life when facing challenging situations.

Laughter Yoga offers a great way to help children feel better, healthier and more confident, thus improving standards and levels of achievement.

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