Live Laugh Breathe!


Ho Ho, Ha Ha HaLaugh out loud and breathe deeply….

Our laughter and our breath are both powerful tools that enable us to access our natural joy, feel more alive in our bodies and experience improved health and well-being.

Have you ever watched a baby laughing just for the sake of laughing? Laughter Yoga allows us to connect with our natural childlike state of laughing for no reason. We don’t need comedy, jokes or humour to be able to feel the benefits of laughter – just a willingness to let go and allow our childlike side the space to play.

Laughter produces endorphins instantly raising our mood and lowering our cortisol levels, allowing us to cope more easily with stress, feel more relaxed and happy.

Likewise, if you watch a baby or an animal breathe, you will see that their breathing is relaxed, natural and connected. Transformational Breath® helps us reconnect with the breathing pattern that we were born with through a simple, diaphragmatic breathing technique. Most of us are only using a fraction of our respiratory capacity. Over the years, our breath has shut down and so we have shut down to life. Freeing up our breathing allows us to take in more oxygen and energy for more physical, mental and emotional well-being. Its benefits include increased energy, better immune response and the increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Together both techniques perfectly complemLogo 512pxent one another: as we free our breath, we free our joy and as we free our joy, we breathe more easily.